Facebook Dark Posts – a Great Way to Sell Jewelry

Facebook Dark Posts are the Cheapest, Best Form of Direct Marketing Available Today!
We all know that Facebook has a gazillion users. The average American spends 49 minutes a day on Facebook. Because of that we should be using it for our marketing. What I want to share with you is why this is a kick-ass opportunity!

Listen to my Favorite Marketer ever. The video is only 2 minutes long.
What Are Dark Posts?
No these are not banner ads. This is not boosting a post. This is NOT pop-ups or that crap on the side of the screen. Dark posts those sponsored posts that you see now. They are content that YOU create, that shows up in a person’s news feed in a demographic YOU choose. 
Why They Rock!
You can target EXACTLY who you want to reach for pennies! Let’s say you want to reach 25-to-35 year old men in LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS. (Hint hint engagement guys!) Then just select that criteria and the content you create will show up in the news feed of those young men. Why else does it rock? It’s REALLY CHEAP. $100 can reach you as many as 5,000 people. (For now, but prices will go up.) 
Why I love them?
Because they don’t interrupt us from what we are trying to do. Don’t you hate annoying pop ups? As far as marketing goes, dark posts or sponsored ads are very organic. They are just shown right in the news feed. As the consumer, if you don’t like them, just scroll through. You do not have to get LIKES any more! This content will not show up on your page, or for people who have liked your page. It will show up for new leads in targeted categories and demograpichs you select.

C.J. In Chicago Land spent $100 and got 5357 Views. 

To give you an idea how powerful this is, to get 5,300 people to look at a piece of mail you need to spend at least $2500.

Terry In Alabama paid $162, reached 16,754 people and had 359 clicks.


Ben pays $20 to reach 5,000 People