Did You Know: Using Shortcut Keys in PawnMaster

PawnMaster includes several shortcut keys that will allow you to quickly and easily perform common tasks such as pawn/buys, sales, layaway’s, and more. These shortcuts give you the ability to use PawnMaster without always having to use a mouse. Once you become familiar with using shortcuts you will find you can perform many tasks much faster then you have in the past.

Every screen in PawnMaster uses these shortcuts. Press the “ALT” on any screen and menu options now have an underlined letter. This letter is the shortcut for that option. Simply press underlined letter and you’ve activated the shortcut. That’s it. No need to move you hand back and forth using a mouse.

While several customers use these shortcut keys all the time, many are unfamiliar with the date shortcuts included in PawnMaster. While in any date field you can just press the letter ‘t” to automatically enter today’s date and use the “+” or “-” keys to add or subtract a day. There are other date shortcut keys as well.

To see these shortcut keys in action and to see more date shortcut keys, watch this video on PawnMaster Shortcut Keys from our “Did You Know” series.