Data Age Welcomes Game X Change To PawnMaster Nation

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As the global leader, most widely used, recognized, and most reliable software firm supplying point-of-sale software to the collateral loan industry, Data Age/PawnMaster would like to welcome Game X Change to PawnMaster Nation. Game X Change will strategically be implementing PawnMaster’s point-of-sale software system in as many of their one-hundred stores across the country. 

Game X Change started in 1992 as the country’s original one-stop shop for interactive entertainment software and hardware. Today they are recognized as a leader all across the nation, specializing in the buying, selling, and trading of video games and related accessories. Most recently, they have taken on a new venture with buying and loaning. Although they have already proven to be successful in the buying space, they’re adding loaning as another element to their business.

Newly entering the buy and loan industry, Game X Change has decided to move forward with PawnMaster as their new primary point-of-sales system. “We chose PawnMaster because of their extensive knowledge and support of the pawn business beyond just offering a point-of-sale system,” Game X Change Co-Owner Mike Hultquist shares, “they have a large and knowledgeable staff that has been able to answer all of our  point-of-sale system questions, as well as any related business questions regarding getting set up and running a pawn business,” he continues. 

Game X Change plans to implement the software in many of their stores across the country, starting with their top-performing stores in the southern regions. The software serves as a great fit for the retailer’s needs, offering tools fit for buying, selling, and loaning their in-store retail. 

Additionally, as a PawnMaster customer, Game X Change has the ability to customize their hardware and add-on options to build out a system that is tailored to their needs. The owners of the Arkansas-based company, Mike Hultquist, Grant Wetherill, and Chris Runyan, were drawn to some of these additional features PawnMaster has to offer, such as Quick Quote and Text Messaging. Quick Quote offers the ability to to set a daily gold spot price for jewelry to ensure accurate and consistent jewelry quotes. Text Messaging will give them the ability to send reminders for loan payments due and notify customers of sales events and wanted items to drive traffic into their shops. 

Len Summa, PawnMaster’s CEO, has no doubt that this collaboration will be a great fit for both parties involved. “It gives us great pride in knowing a well-known and leading company has put their trust in us based on our 30+ years of well-documented success in our industry,” he shares, “We look forward to contributing to future success as they expand their business.”