Customer Service: Serving the Under Served

 header-Customer Service_v3As we enter the mid-year mark of 2019, so many people ask me, “How do you win and how do you have such a loyal customer base?”  My response is fast, simple, and without hesitation…. Customer service.  My team and I are committed to serving the underserved in our industry.

Frankly, our industry’s core tenants in the collateral loan business are doing the same thing; they also serve the underserved.  As in anything, talk is cheap, and a tag line on a web site about customer service is just that. There has to be a commitment to the belief of the concept and action to execute it.

We can spend many hours talking about our own experience around this topic from being placed on hold for too long to walking into an establishment and not feeling comfortable or confident about spending your money. When taking a customer-centric approach to your business, the little things really matter.  We are committed to this approach, and we continue to encourage everyone in our industry to take a customer focus path to increase your bottom line.