Customer Profile: Monte De Piedad


Omar Anzar, Monte De Piedad, San Diego, CA

Entrepreneur Omar Anzar a PawnMaster customer since 2004 talks about his disappointment with the way other pawn management software vendors operate their business. Monte_De_Piedad-HubSpot3.pngHe is the owner of Monte de Piedad, a 13 store pawn shop chain in San Diego, CA. He talks about how PawnMaster’s software is stable and secure. Additionally, with each updated version, PawnMaster continues to evolve with new features, capabilities, and options.

“In general, with you guys, I feel comfortable. Other companies have a different philosophy is what I notice. The fact that they want to charge you for a transaction – they want to share your private data with other people in your market. It doesn’t make sense to me how they don’t want to customize the program. I’m just very disappointed with the way they are operating their business and you guys don’t do that. ”— Omar Anzar