Customer Profile: Henderson Pawn


Tony Henderson, Henderson Pawn, Pine Bluff, AR

Tony Henderson ran his pawn shop “old school” for years, opting to use the pen-to-pad method. Following a suggestion THenderson_headshot.jpgfrom his employee of 15 years, Tony decided to purchase PawnMaster. At this point, his employee was basically running the business for Tony, so he never felt it was necessary to take the time to learn all of the features available in PawnMaster. After his employee suddenly left, Tony was worried he was stuck with a system that he’d never be able to fully understand. After a call to Data Age, Tony received world-class training from our in-house training team and is now able to access all the reports he needs to make his business run smoothly while continuing to turn a profit.

“I love it. I don’t know how I could make it without it. You know where all your inventory is; it does your inventory, it does your sales, your buys, figures your taxes, it does everything. You can even send your customer a text! It’s just hard to compare anything to this. It’s like comparing a Lexus to a Plymouth or a Dodge. It’s by far the best that’s out there.”  Tony Henderson