Customer Profile: B.S. & G. Pawn LLC


Todd Boyle, B.S. & G. Pawn LLC, Tahlequah,OK

Todd Boyle used PawnMaster to manage his own pawn shop in Florida before selling TBoyle_headshot.jpghis store and taking over his father’s operation in Oklahoma. With the amount of firearms he would need to inventory on a regular basis, Todd knew that he’d need to once again go with the industry leading pawn management software. Todd can run a complete firearms inventory (that normally took his father two days) in under three hours, without having to close the shop.

“I think the PawnMaster software is really pretty outstanding and I think the support is better than that. When I call, they actually answer the phone. And that’s kind of cool.  The guys you have in support are very very forthcoming, very good at what they do, and like I say, they answer the phone. And that’s- When you’re standing here with five customers in front of you and the bells are going off and the computer won’t run, that’s really handy. You guys keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll be happy customers.” Todd Boyle