C’mon Man!


C’mon on Man!  Really?!  These old school approaches just no longer work in today’s one click information world.  We have talked about the abundance of information at the buyers finger tips.  We already know the statistics around how many buyers have made up their mind before even speaking to a sales person because they are doing their own research and collecting their own information.  The product pitch, the blind marketing sales approach to anyone who will give you a minute, the persuasion , slick talk, over the top energy and the slapstick proposals are over.  The only old school approach if you can call it old school would be form the old television show Colombo (severely dating myself here) The grizzly private investigator who’s key line was, let me ask you a question.  QBS… Question Based Selling is effective, is streamlines your sales process and most importantly it helps your client.

We employ a BQC here.  The Business Qualification Checklist ensure and guides our teams to ask the right questions, which we have collected by working with tens of thousands of clients and prospects.  These questions zero in on a host of business critical question relating to the buyer. Not a hard deliverable to come up with but once you do it will make a big impact on your team and your buyers.