Client Corner: Shift Marketing Strategy for 2014

logoLa Estrella, a pawnshop located on the beautiful most southern Caribbean island of Aruba, has noticed the impact in the shift from the traditional (info based) marketing outlets of newspapers, yellow pages and radio to a more interactive, social media and digital marketing strategies.

Having a strong presence in Internet advertising in the community has helped La Estrella become a house hold name allowing closer contact with our customer base as well as given us the opportunity to share what we do and receive reviews from a number of people that would not have normally entered our stores. Here Alex Cybul discusses some of the social media strategies they have incorporated into their marketing efforts.

La Estrella is known for its “Product of the Day” that is being posted daily on our Facebook Fan Page ( This product is seen by over two thousand different people. Aruba’s population is around 110,000, some which are fans of our Facebook page and others who are part of our target audience. We have recently started to share this same “Product of the Day” on our Instagram account @laestrella_aruba. At least two of these products are sold per week and most are new customers to La Estrella. We also do fun engaging campaigns to have great interaction between our fans and the La Estrella community. Some of our more notorious campaigns include paying a person’s utility bill, giveaways of “HOT” products (iPhones, Galaxy’s, Tablets, Laptops), or customer testimonies stories explaining how the services at La Estrella have helped them. In Aruba we are one of the largest company Facebook fan page with a total of 10,890 fans and with daily interaction.

I recommend people to use the social media as marketing tool because it is easy, less expensive and a more efficient way to reach and attract new customers. Each day there are more and more people on the web, and it is easy to filter what is the best way to reach your target audience. It is a cost effective, efficient and user friendly medium in promoting your store and products to your customer, it gives access to those potential customers that would not normally walk in to your store. It allows customers to access your store from their house, place of work or just casually surfing the web. Social media gives you access to the turned on world, to a population that only needs a phone to be aware of who and what you are, and lets face it how many people nowadays do not have a phone.

Alex Cybul
Operations Manager
La Estrella, Aruba