Built to Scale


When you set out to build software that will service thousands of customers like we do here at Data Age, you have to concentrate on the foundation.  Building to scale is something you hear all the time but what constitutes accuracy in this statement? Building the platform on infrastructures that are inadequate for growth is the main mistake that software developers make. In an effort to keep their own costs at a minimum, they may host your data at the nearest facility that they can get a cheap price at instead of leveraging the best possible solution for their customer base.  Also, not keeping up to date with the latest technology is a major issue for many software providers. Remember, cloud technology is constantly changing so anything past 5 years old in technology is already outdated.

PawnMaster Ignite is built on the latest technology available and is the only true cloud-based system in the industry. We utilize AWS, Amazon’s cloud infrastructure to make sure that we can scale quickly as we bring on thousands of pawn customers. Amazon cloud hosts some of the largest data streaming services in the world, including Netflix, so we know scaling will never be an issue for our customers. We made the investment to ensure that your business is getting the best there is to offer.