Beyond the Shop: Upsell

Once we have decided if it’s a buy or sell then we check the customer history in our store. Have they picked up their items, because this might give us an opportunity to upsell that loan and add 10, 20, 30 percent to the value of the loan. Remember the bigger the loan balance the more money you’re going to make. Now you’ve decided how much you’re going to put in it, let’s test it, let’s make sure it works. If it’s a musical instrument, get the customer to play it. Test everything to make sure it comes in – nothing worse than giving up dollars for broken items. You’ve tested it, you’ve decided how much you want to put into it, but let’s say it’s a little bit less then the customer wanted. You’ve now got to sell that loan to them, take your time, explain to them why its only worth a certain amount. Why its less, and then sell that loan, explain to they why you need them as a customer and then after that sell your future relationship. While their writing the loan find out about their family, find out what going on in their lives. See if they have anything else they can bring in, which is of value to you.