Beyond the Shop: Keep Your Store Clean and Organized



Number one, keep your sales floor and your store clean. I have a great story for this, back in 1994 at EZPawn we were looking to acquire stores in Alabama. So, the very first day my boss and I go into a store in Birmingham and it is a dump. How they had a hundred thousand in loads you’ll never know. Inventory stacked up to here, dust everywhere, employees wearing shorts, needless to say we didn’t buy that store. The very next day we when into a store in Tuscaloosa, that is probably the prettiest store I’ve been into in the last 30 years. Beautiful jewelry displays, beautiful displays for their electronics, the store was spotless, the awning was clean, the parking lot perfect, needless to say we bought that store. So, take a lesson in that the better looking your store is inside and out the more successful you’ll be.