Attitude is Always the Right Chair on the Bus


Over the years I have hired or contributed to hiring  hundreds of professionals. When hiring we try to hire for attitude first, coachability second and finally for a domain skill with experience. I think we would all agree attitude is a very desirable attribute you can’t coach up all the time. When hiring for a specific position, for example Sales, we know there really is not an exact science to replicating success. Some may have higher success ratios than others but at the end of the day, in the hiring process, it boils down to the individual you are inviting to join your teams. At Data Age, we feel as long as we have the right attitude we can find a seat on the bus for someone. Not everyone knows, right out of the gates, what their path is in life or in the workforce. Many sales people find out they want to go into marketing and even more just want to help customers, thus seeing them take on a client support role.

Great companyies understand and embrace this. They hire for great attitude and these same companies are usually great because they have very successful training programs in-house to help cultivate and develop talent. There are some success traits and characteristics present in every person staffing a specific position. For sales people, the article below highlights some of them. We encourage and recommend to hire for attitude because having many individuals possessing a great attitude is the main ingredient for a successful line-up.