Are You Backed by a World Class Support Team?


What’s your lineup look like when it comes to support at your software vendor? Do you have live representatives standing by to assist you with your questions? Do you have to wait hours, or even days for a response?

Support is a top priority at Data Age because, in the nature of the pawn business, you need answers now. If you have a customer at your counter and get a printer error,  you can’t wait an hour — you need to be able to provide exceptional service to your customers too. We understand that.

With that being said, did you know Data Age also supports your hardware when you purchase it from us? With other software vendors, you might get the run-around. “Oh that’s not us, you have to call HP.” And then you call HP, finally get through to an actual person, and they say, “Oh no, that’s not us — talk to your software vendor.” At Data Age, it’s “one call does it all”.

The reason we can get back to you so quickly is because we have 16 in-house, well-trained support individuals available to you, which amounts to more than 81,000 hours each year.