Adversity in Business

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As we head into the summer months and hopefully placing the COVID crisis behind us, we are still dealing with a wealth of adversity in our industry and in business in general.

There are many driving factors to this, but I want to focus on handling adversity. Let’s face it, we all go through it at some point and many of us face it daily. Adversity will always be present in business and life. How you handle it will be the determining factor in whether you reach a desirable outcome.  So, how do you do this?

  • It may seem unthinkable, but the first thing I do in an adverse situation is step back and find my sense of humor. This gives me a chance to pause for the cause and allows me to think clearly. It’s important to reach the proverbial “it is what it is” so you can formulate an appropriate response.
  • Be mentally tough and draw from previous experiences, but if this challenge is in uncharted waters, understand it, address it, and store it in your knowledge base for future reference. Adversity is just another opportunity to get better.
  • Have a purpose, a goal, and work the problem. Never give up.
  • Don’t be a hero… ask for help. I am certain you have surrounded yourself with a good group of colleagues, friends, and family. Get some advice and input from them.
  • Always be positive and believe in yourself.

I have had many discussions with so many of you this past year, business discussions that have led to life discussions. I enjoy listening and trying to help, but I would like to thank everyone for their impact on me, because you are all very insightful and I appreciate the time we spend during our discussions. Have a great summer gang.