4 Ideas for Drawing People to Your Shop this Halloween

1. Pumpkin carving and Halloween costume contests

  • Have the “little ones” come in dressed in their costumes, take photos to share on your facebook and website events pages. Ask guests to share their photos after you post them, to get some more visibility for your store. (Be sure to obtain permission to share the photos first.)
  • Either provide the pumpkins or have people bring them in already decorated or carved. You can use real pumpkins or plastic ones.
  • Create a Halloween rack of items that can be used as costumes or props.
  • Voting can be done in the store by other guests and/or online to drive traffic to your Facebook page.
  • Offer a prize for the winner! You can opt people into your text messages to announce the winner and tell them about future sales and events.

2. Trick or treating

  • Hand out candy in every department. This encourages people to walk around the entire store and see what you have.

3. Create photo opportunities

  • Have someone dress up as an event mascot and take pictures with the kids to take home as a souvenir. A super hero or Disney character would surely get them excited! For an added bonus, try to use a backdrop that shows your brand.

4. Include other businesses if you’re in a shopping center

  • Everybody wins. They will advertise for your event which may bring some people into your store that normally wouldn’t have stopped by, and they’ll be happy you helped them draw some extra traffic into their store as well.