10 Beyond The Shop: Text Pawn & Layaway Reminders

Alright, this one is a little controversial and I’ve heard a lot of people that don’t believe in it but, I wholeheartedly think this will work. You need to text layaway reminders and loan reminders to your customers. About six years ago we started sending loan reminders 10 days before the due date. At that time when we started, our pick-up rate for 30 plus stores was 78% company-wide. Within six months we had jumped all the way to 84%, that a six percent increase in six months. Take some time, do a little math in your own head and see how much cash six percent extra would be to you. Now for $30.00 a month and seven cents a text, you need to start texting your customers. Over 90% of all text in the world are read within five minutes. Don’t email because you can get spammed out, don’t call them because people would rather have the luxury of texting. Make sure the computer is texting your layaway and loan customers every day.