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Pawn Transactions
Buy Transactions
Sales Transactions
Layaway Transactions
Repair Transactions
Credit Sales (allowing you to charge monthly interest)
Memos (Status, Overdue)
Police Reporting
OFAC Reporting
ATF Firearms Log Book
Anti-money Laundering / 8300 Compliancy Reports
Lock-out Bad Customers
Individual Employee Cash Drawers
Ability to Change Menu Access Levels
Employee Profitability Tracking
Employee Time Clock
Set Employee Transaction Limits
Track Employee Changes on Pawn Items
COGS for Employees
Customer Statistics & History
Advertising Tracking
Reminder Letters/Mailing Labels
Split Items from Forfeits/Pulls
Inventory Aging Reporting
Pawnshop Statistics Reporting
Customer Loyalty Program
SMS or Text Messaging
Customer Demographics Reporting
Apply Preferred Rates to Specific Customers
Track Customers In-Store Credit
Physical Inventory Audits
Physical Inventory by Category
Inventory Rapid Repeat Entry/ Duplicate
Inventory Transfers
Multi-Store Pulling to a Central Location
Wanted Inventory
Inventory Re-orders
Discount an Item
Check Serial # of New Pawn or Buy Item Against Inventory
Inventory Turn Analysis
Management Dashboard Report
Pie Chart – Item Types: Inventory Items
Item Splitting
Multiple Layaway Payments
Take or Make Payments to Affiliated Stores
Item Combining
Variable Rate Tables
Principal Reductions
Partial Payment Management
Integrated Electronic Cash Drawer Capability
Lost Ticket Management
Title Simple Interest Calculations
Automatic Late Charges
Future Payments
Calculate Pawn/Buy Amount on Gold Weight
e-foro Online Selling
Fast Automatic Updates
Gold Spot Pricing
Integrated Jewelry Scales
Internal Price Guide
GL Accounting Export
Advanced String Search
Multi-store Management
Track Auction Items in e-foro
Customer Wanted Items
Quick/Smart Search
Multi-Screen Checkout
Customizable Employee Workspace

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