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PawnMaster Classic by Bravo

PawnMaster Classic has been the reliable choice for pawn shop management for over 30 years. As a Bravo Store Systems product, it combines proven on-premises capabilities with the backing of our dedicated support team, ensuring a seamless experience from implementation to ongoing operations.

Seamless Transition, Intuitive Interface

Upgrade to a more efficient pawn shop workflow with PawnMaster Classic’s user-friendly design. Get up and running quickly while minimizing disruptions to your daily processes. Our software integrates smoothly into your established workflows.

Join a Network of Success

Over 3,500 pawn shops worldwide have put their trust in PawnMaster to power their businesses. PawnMaster Classic continues that legacy, offering a robust on-premises solution tailored to drive success for pawn owners seeking a familiar, locally-installed software. 

Hear From PawnMaster Users

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Popular PawnMaster Classic Features


PawnMaster Classic makes it easy to complete pawn and buy transactions quickly and accurately. In just a few minutes, you can complete a pawn, or process a returning pawn even faster!


Make sales, place items in layaway, and schedule repairs with the click of a button. You can easily add discounts for returning customers, or split sales commission between employees without leaving the sale screen.


PawnMaster comes pre-loaded with 200 reports that have been designed for you to get a handle on every area of your business, from inventory management to employee performance. Custom reports are available for those who want to dig in even deeper.

Inventory / Forfeits

PawnMaster includes a complete inventory management system. Easily view all forfeited items in your shop in an itemized list. Choose custom date ranges, pull items by type, and seamlessly move items from pawn to inventory status.

Customer Management

Access customer information that allows you to quickly track redemption and purchase history for every customer. Gather customer demographics to build a targeted marketing database and track how customers hear about your shop.

Wanted Items

Let your customers know when an item they’ve been looking for comes into your shop. Pair this feature with our text messaging module and automate alerts.


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