No Time for Marketing? TxT Valet Can Help!


Have you ever given much thought to taking your shop’s marketing to the next level? Or, have you ever measured your marketing efforts to see if there is actually a return on it? Data Age / PawnMaster has launched our newest complement to TxT Pawn… TxT Valet. It is a true, full-concierge service at a price that’s feasible. It’s simple, one can say a no-brainer in the marketing area if you do not have the time, or do not know what marketing efforts will bring your customers through the door. The TxT Valet team does everything for you.

1. To start, they call you to talk one on one about your inventory, they will also ask you to run certain reports to obtain specific marketing information, they go over any marketing ideas you may have, and holidays that are coming up that you may want to advertise sales for. 

2. They will then take the information gathered and work with you to create a custom blast describing your sale and/or inventory you would like to move and use that information to deploy the program for you on the date and time you’ve requesed.

3. They actually follow your campaign and if a hyperlink was placed in your blast they track them to see your customers’ open rates.

4. And finally, a member of our team will follow up after the campaign to see how it produced for you and your business.

Our team doesn’t only talk to you about marketing through text messaging — remember, we said it’s a full-concierge service… We will discuss current marketing efforts and look at your webpages and social media sites and give you our feedback and ideas to help you to bring your business to the next level.

We take the stress out of marketing for you, and the proof is in our customers’ responses to this program. We ran this as a pilot through the holidays for 2016 and the feedback was beyond our wildest dreams!  Our customers loved the originality of our blasts, the customization for their campaign, and ease of going through the holiday season without the worry. 

Why not give your business the possibility of reaching its fullest potential? If your customers are giving permission to reach out to them, why not let them know if you’re having a sale in your store? 

Here’s what those who have used the service are saying

“You alerted me to an issue on my Facebook page so we could correct the campaign within minutes of being deployed.. Thank you, you saved our sale.” – Denny’s Jewelry and Pawn

“Thank you, you were a life saver getting my sales out within 1 hour when I needed it! My campaign response was amazing.” – Crown Jewelers and Pawn Inc

You trust our software to run your business, now trust our talent to help aid you in taking your shop to the next level with TxTValet! Call us today at 1-888-949-7296.