Make More Money Using Your PawnMaster Data: Inventory Report


Does your shop carry any accessory items to upsell and complement other items in your shop? You know, things like alkaline batteries, phone chargers, guitar strings or ammunition? If you do then I hope you utilize PawnMaster to set reorder levels on those items by entering a max quantity of at least 1 or more. When you do this regularly, you can run Inventory report #4 “Inventory Re-orders-Primary Vendor” and know what needs to be ordered. Easy! 

BONUS TIP:  Those accessory items also have UPC barcodes printed on the packaging. PawnMaster cross-references those UPCs on the sales screen if you entered it when the item was added to your inventory. In other words, you don’t need to print labels for items that you sell that have preprinted barcodes on them.

I hope this short article has provided some useful information. If everything here was a review for you, then congratulations, you have a very good understanding of your business and PawnMaster.

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