Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to pawn software questions, we've heard them all.

We want to provide answers for any and all concerns you may have, whether you’re looking to switch to a new software or are just starting out in the industry. With 30 years of experience, we know the hurdles pawn shop owners can face, and are here to support and service you every step along the way. If you can’t find an answer to any question you have, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

A: Yes, PawnMaster offers several different options for training. Data Age University is held at our Clearwater headquarters and you can spend the day one-on-one with our trainers. On-site training is available where our trainers come to you. On-demand tutorials are included with your PawnMaster software, and you and your employees will have unlimited access to training videos. Click here to learn more.

A: When you choose PawnMaster, you’re selecting the most reliable pawn shop software on the market. When you’re ready to make the switch, our implementation specialists will work with you to get your shop up and running during a time when it least affects your business.

A: Yes! When you purchase your hardware through Data Age, hardware setup and standard support is included. Visit our Support page if you need help setting up your hardware. If you already own hardware or purchased it elsewhere there is a fee to support 3rd party hardware.

A: Supported hardware can be found on our Hardware page.

A: PawnMaster integrates with Worldpay to offer hardware and software for integrated credit card processing. You may also use your own credit card processing company and select the appropriate tender at checkout.

A: Yes! PawnMaster offers the several options for selling inventory online. Our e-foro eCommerce integration allows you to post items for sale on eBay, Amazon, Gunbroker and Storefront lets you sell inventory on your own website.

A: PawnMaster has been in business since 1988. We’re known for being the fastest and most reliable software on the market. Our in-house support team is here for you when you need help. We also have the largest development team in the industry, constantly working to bring you new product innovations. Our customers love the ease-of-use PawnMaster offers. The software is proven to save time and money! We could go on and on about our stability, flexibility, marketing tools, and reports but don’t take our word… Check out what our customers are saying.

PawnMaster integrates with Quickbooks, EyesOn security and several hardware integrations are available with PawnMaster. Check out our Add-Ons page for a full list.

A: PawnMaster is the only dual platform pawn software on the market. If you are using PawnMaster Classic, you do not need an internet connection to run your software because it lives locally on your server. We only ask that you have an internet connection available to connect when support or updates are needed. Otherwise unplug and rest assured that you control access to your computers. If internet connectivity is not a concern, PawnMaster Classic has links to eBay, educational websites and consumables ordering. PawnMaster Ignite is our next generation product and is cloud-based.

A: Yes! PawnMaster makes it easy for you to scale your business. In doing so, we know you can’t be in every location at once so you’ll be able to manage all your operations from wherever you are. Click here to learn more about our multi-store solutions.

A: Yes! It doesn’t matter if you report using LeadsOnline, Business Watch International, California DOJ or any of over 400 different police reporting systems, we have the expertise to make sure you are reporting the way your police want.

A: Most of our clients find that using Burrell brand of pawn contract is the most economical and reliable solution. We can also print generic contracts to plain paper in some states and we can add your custom ticket if needed for a small fee.

A: Yes, it is true that many shops use a single, shared cash drawer at the counter, but that isn’t always the best solution. Especially as a business grows. Anytime it is needed PawnMaster can be reconfigured to use multiple, shared drawers and still track who did the transactions or cash drawers can be assigned to each employee to have the highest level of accountability.

A: If you’re using another software, we have a few options for you. You can either run your new PawnMaster side-by-side, until the old loans are closed. Or we offer data conversions. We’ve converted data from almost every other pawn software out there. Together, we’ll determine what the best solution is for you and you data. Click here to see an overview of what to expect when you decide to get started with PawnMaster.

A: Yes! In fact, PawnMaster was built to grow with you. We know every business is different, so we have built our software to appeal to businesses of all shapes and sizes. To keep startup cost down, we offer a la carte options when it comes to both software add-ons and hardware.

A: With PawnMaster, you’ll always have people available to help you. You will have dedicated Account Managers who will be able to help you with any new products and services you want to add.

A: PawnMaster offers a customer loyalty program that will reward your customers by allowing them to earn points that can be redeemed in your shop for a dollar amount you control. Customer loyalty points also generates repeat customers and impulse buys, so your customers aren’t the only ones who benefit – you do too!

A: Times can vary by season, module and customer needs. Some modules can be done the following business day after payment is received, but most require some configuration and training to be considered fully implemented. Give your Account Manager a call at 1-888-949-7296 to learn more about the turnaround time for the specific service you would like to add.

A: PawnMaster offers several revenue-generating features. Customer Points, Protection Plans, eCommerce, Text Messaging, Text Pay, and Text Valet are just to name a few.

A: PawnMaster is already the fastest pawn shop software out there. You can enhance speed at the counter even more by adding ID Scanning, Barcode Scanners and BioMetrics.

A: Get in touch with us! We’d be happy to answer all your questions. Once we understand your needs a little better, we’ll be able to make recommendations about our software to best suit your needs. In the meantime, check out what our customers have to say about us. Or request a copy of 12 Things You Should Know Before You Open a Pawn Shop.

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