Data Age/PawnMaster Continues to Gain Competitive Market Share while Increasing Global Footprint


Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster, the industry-leading pawn management software, are proud to welcome onboard Presta Me Pawn, a twenty-one store operation servicing Costa Rica and Panama. Alan Barron and his dedicated teams service hundreds of thousands of customers as local, reliable financial institutions.

“Alan Barron is one of most successful business owners we have ever brought on board,” says Len Summa, Data Age CEO. “A multi-store operation of this size is impressive, there’s no question. When Alan came to us, we knew that our software could accommodate his businesses while keeping them compliant across the map.”

Since inception, PawnMaster has been developed with a focus on keeping multiple businesses connected. Remote capabilities enable managers and owners to access reports, manage inventory, and perform customer lookups from one central location, without the frustration of having to log into multiple systems. With a team of dedicated data conversion specialists, PawnMaster can quickly and accurately transfer system data from competitive systems, enabling a seamless transition.

“There was some hesitation at first, because this huge operation was using a competitive software,” states Summa. “Alan came to our global headquarters here in Clearwater, Florida and we were able to put together a game plan that suited his needs. Once we had a time frame set, we got to work converting years-worth of business data to our system. Our teams are highly skilled at handling and deploying large data sets, and the process went very well. I’m looking forward to our continued relationship with the entire Presta Me team.”