Data Age Business Systems Named Finalist In 2017 Best Places to Work by Tampa Bay Business Journal


At Data Age, we talk a lot about culture. But what does that really mean? “Having a great culture” means different things to different people. For some people it’s opportunity, for other’s maybe it’s compensation, having great benefits, work environment, company values and stability, or feeling like they’re a part of something bigger.  

For me, yes, all of those things play a part, but ultimately it boils down to people. We spend more time in the office than we do at home with our families, so the people who surround me are what (or who) make or break my desire to come to work every day.

Having worked at companies, large and small, I can say the leadership here at Data Age are where it starts. But that’s not where it ends. It ends with every single person who steps foot into this office every day. It takes great leadership to recognize great talent. For me, I feel like the culture is thriving when I can be inspired or learn something from each person here.

Am I given the freedom to explore new ideas? Is my contribution appreciated? Am I challenged to make myself better? Yes, yes and yes.

With all of this, it is not much of a surprise, but it is an incredible honor that Data Age has been selected as a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journals’ Best Places to Work. Congratulations to the leadership and coworkers who make Data Age a great place to work!