Customer Profile: Premier Jewellery and Loans


Martin Strasser, Premier Jewellery and Loans, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Martin Strasser had been using a custom-designed pawn software for years, but development costs and the amount of MStrasser_headshot.jpginventory he was dealing with led him to look for a stable platform with superior support. After researching PawnMaster and meeting with our team, Martin felt confident that he chose the best pawn software for his ever-growing business.

“My business has taken two decades for me to build, and I’m not going to entrust its operation to a platform that isn’t stable, that isn’t developed, and isn’t there for long-term. For me, PawnMaster meets all of those criteria. In essence, yes you’re a vendor, but functionally you’re almost a business partner because it’s your tool that I use to operate my business and I was looking for the best tool I could find to meet that need. PawnMaster continues to evolve, continues releasing new platforms like Ignite. I think it’s an amazing time to enter into that partnership and I couldn’t be happier with who I’m there with.” — Martin Strasser